Body Health has been a leader for over 10 years in research, development, manufacture and marketing of medical and aesthetic equipment. Products and processes are certified by ISO 9001-2000, ISO 13485 and CE. Our products are exported, through our own distribution network, to Latin America, USA, Europe, Asia and Africa. Body Health© is present in over 35 countries. 

We manufacture equipment for aesthetic treatments such as: Cryo-Radiofrequency, HImFU, Dermo Health (vacuum therapy), Dermoporation (virtual meso therapy), Dermoleds and our exclusive development: Microdermabrasion treatment with Diamond Sticks© (disposable diamond heads). 

In this way, investments, training, new employees and diversification of products are a constant. In the last 5 years, our turnover has doubled and we are planning to treble in the near future. 

We do not have magic formulas, but we do have a deep market knowledge. 

We set rules and requests which satisfy needs and we apply quality systems and improvements to the operating, administrative and commercial processes. In this way, ethics, creativity, positivism, trust and credibility are combined in the same organized mission. 


Present in over 35 countries

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Developing the best products is our daily work. For this reason, we could not consider design as "essential" in the process of creating our products. Body Health® experts research and study every detail, integrating their knowledge with new design techniques and the latest technology, with the sole purpose of revolutionizing equipment and treatments, satisfying the most demanding market needs.


This is the area which Body Health has mostly developed. Researchers have the mission to study the latest advances and innovations in the aesthetic industry and develop them even more. Body Health experts do research and study every minimal detail, combining their knowledge with new techniques in design and the latest technology in order to cause a revolution in equipment and treatment. As a result, they satisfy the most demanding needs on the market.


Many factors have helped develop the Assurance Quality System, according to ISO 9001 Standards. First, selecting our suppliers carefully and collaborating on their growth. Second, considering our staff one of our principal sources encouraged development and teamwork. And finally, something we have never stopped doing since we were born: looking for a continual improvement in every subject. That is why we have reached excellent levels.

ISO 9001, ISO 13485

tandards are common rules for every organization in the world, which mark a determined quality level in different areas such us marketing, development, manufacturing, planning, and sales. In Body Health we are proud to have this important recognition, which guarantees that our products and services are highly efficient.