Laser Crystal 3D ING


The new LASER CRYSTAL 3D is the most effective alternative in laser hair removal for cutting-edge clinics. It mixes the benefits of the 3 world-renowned wavelengths in aesthetics, achieving previously unthinkable results.

Advantages of Laser Crystal 3D

• CryoCooling: Synergistic cooling system that generates an anesthetic and protective effect on the epidermis.

• Crystal Motion: Laser hair removal system that allows effective results in short sessions.

• Crystal Point: Laser hair removal system for small areas, such as fingers and mouth, achieving an optimal result in specific areas.

• SSR (Super Skin Rejuvenetion): Collagen fiber stimulating system.

10 Answer and Questions about Laser Crystal 3D of Body Health

Laser Crystal 3D is the most advanced, safe and effective technology in hair removal laser present on the market, suitable for application on all skin phototypes. Thanks to its personalized programs, it is possible to adapt the treatment to requirements of each person obtaining optimal results. It incorporates a refrigeration system that maintains the transmission of cold from the head to the skin, minimizing pain and discomfort throughout the session, achieving a safe, effective and pleasant treatment

– Clinically proven efficacy 
– It is fast and easy to apply 
– Pleasant treatment thanks to its cryocooling system.
– Suitable for all skin phototypes 
– Perfect for any area of the body 
– It can be done at any time of the year




Thanks to the combination of the 3 wavelengths, phototypes from I to VI can be
treated according to Fitzpatrick classification) and blonde, brown and black hair color

Laser photodepilation is accomplished by performing sessions every 4 to 8 weeks. On average, approximately 8 sessions are required, and may require less or more according to the response of each patient.

Depending on the area to be treated, a total body waxing (whole leg, dug and armpit) is achieved in approximately 30 min





– It should not be exposed to the sun one week before the treatment.
– Do not use any starting hair removal method (tweezers, wax) at least 20 days before the session
– Do not peel (mechanical or chemical) the previous 20 days
– Ensure a good shaving of the area the same day of the session, without cream, deodorant or makeup

– Sun exposure should be avoided.
– Do not apply any product to the skin except moisturizers and sunscreen.
– Between sessions, do not use tweezers or wax to remove hair



– The removal of 98% of the hair in the treated area.
– Definitive treatment of folliculitis
– Stimulation of collagen fibers.
– Clearing and improvement of the quality of the skin.

 The results are evident after the first application. 



 Treatment can be performed on the entire body area, except mucosa (oral, nasal, anal, vulvovaginal) Extreme care with the periorbicular area

It is recommended to annually assess the need for maintenance sessions since various factors of the patient, such as hormonal, can trigger hair growth.

Alexandrita 755nm

  • It offers the best energy absorption by the melanin chromophore.
  • Provides excellent results on fine, light-colored hair.
  • Especially effective for superficial hairs (eyebrows or upper lip).

Diodo 810nm

  • Medium-high power to carry out treatments quickly.
  • Its deep penetration capacity positions it in the ideal treatment for the areas of the arms, legs, cheeks and the beard.
  • Very effective and safe for the treatment of dark skin.

Nd Yag 1064nm

  • Focused on treating darker and tanned skin.
  • Provides excellent results on fine, light-colored hair.It offers the deepest penetration of the light beam, allowing it to treat hair embedded in the scalp, arms and pubic areas.
  • Its better absorption by the aqueous chromophore generates a higher temperature, increasing its power.