Intimate Non-Invasive Rejuvenation

Enygma stimulates regeneration and rejuvenation in vulvovaginal tissues thanks to the action of its X-Orbital technology

It is a safe and non-invasive therapy that stimulates a regenerative response in tissues of the female intimate region 

X-Orbital technology allows simultaneous multifrequency and multipolar application in orbit, in 3 depths of tissue and in all directions at the same time.

In addition to the control and the great power of the X-Orbital system, it is capable of emitting orbital energy generating efficient and intelligent tissue heating, which exponentially reduces the application time and increases the effectiveness of it.

Enygma X-Orbital uses electromagnetical frequencies that creates a controlled internal heating that produces a tensing effect, stimulating the synthesis of new collagen fibers. This also induces various biological effects that improve the appearance of the vulva, restores vaginal elasticity, improves mild urinary incontinence and reduces sexual dysfunction.

It also incorporates a system for online temperature measurement with limited parameters for safety.

Esthetic and Functional Treatment

of the Intimate Feminine Region for genitourinary syndrome with internationally recognized High Technology. 

Vulvovaginal hypermobility
Sexual dysfunction (dyspareunia and vulvovaginal dryness)
Stress urinary incontinence
Vulvovaginal atrophy

Applicators dedicated to specific
actions of the treatment

Technology developed to emit electromagnetic orbital energy between each rings of the head, with the aim of delivering more power to the tissue without risk of burn. 

It has 4 rings with 360º action, which can be adjusted to work simultaneously or in isolation. 

The kit is manufactured in surgical steel and polyvinyl (hypoallergenic), high quality materials, ensuring perfect asepsis and reuse. All these features make the kit lightweight, ergonomic and easy to use, guaranteeing high quality to the product providing the best results. 


Disinfection and sterilization station

The Enygma X-Orbital kit includes a disinfection and sterilization station, which guarantees maximum hygienization of the tips, without the risk of contamination, perfectly clean and free of bacteria. It is a great innovation that has been used in several renowned health units around the world.


Update your Body Health equipment to this technology!